mishell lee (fragglerocker84) wrote in schoolofblog,
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You know what is one of the most painful feelings? When you really just need your friends, and then you realize, you don't have any.

I can't decided what's sadder about this post. The fact that they actually posted something like this, or that they were expecting people to comment with flattering words. One might say the saddest part by far is that, with a friend list of like 50 or so, this person will only get one comment. if you can't get sympathy from people on live journal, then i ask you, who can you get sympathy from?

This is the person only posts about once every month or two updating her anticipating audience on the status of her, "perfect boyfriend", and she might pity others who arnt in her postition...this position of love.

coincidently you could take a stab that this post is referring to the a loss of a boyfriend, a perfect boyfriend even?

if that comment link button isnt turned off, then you know just how bad this person is crying for reply to such a harsh post.

the lone comment:
really...call me...i don't have any either

enough said.
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