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School of Blog

Inspired by the hit film Jerry Maguire

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Listen, were you one of the people who got knocked down when LiveJournal's incomple purged his friends list?

Do you constantly post quizzes, thus negating your credibility among upper tier megabloggers such as LiveJournal's stephenl?

Most importantly, are you willing to accept the Gospel of LiveJournal's jdryznar?

If you said yes to one or more of the above questions, School of Blog may be the community for you.

This is a place for megabloggers to share their knowledge, and for underbloggers to ask questions and share their blogging experiences among their peers. Do you want to know whether you're a megablogger or an underblogger? We will let you know. This is not, I stress, NOT a rating community. All criticism is intended to better the blogosphere, not to pander to the egos of anyone.