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least favorite entries

Hello, gumshoes!

I've determined my least favorite type of entry. Perhaps it would be a good idea to share yours, as well.

I'm really annoyed when a teenage girl (or any person, for that matter, but this only occurs with teenage girls) makes a one line post about a new boyfriend or something, and only refer to him as a gender pronoun. Every time this happens, the post is like this:

He is amazing.

See how annoying that shit is? Let's try again.
He is the world to me.

You can try it if you'd like, but yes, these may be the worst posts ever made. For one, they're silly. No one cares about anyone else's boyfriend, unless he is an awesome megablogger. That's rule number one for ANY PERSON you might talk about in the blogosphere. I mean, at the very least, he or she should be a potential megablogger. Beyond that, they're pretentious. We don't know (or care) about your romantic life to know who you're referring to with the third person gender pronoun. Even if you've made five posts about him this week, we've skipped over them. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for the School of Blog turning into the School of Hard Knocks, but you gotta learn how to fly (blog) before you fuck with the eagles (megabloggers).
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That is the one of the banes of this blogger as well. Also bad is when someone posts an entry that is cryptic and usually about their relationship.

Not only do we have no way of knowing what the problem is, but they don't even bother to share the problem with us. Yet the blogospere must know there is trouble in paradise.

It often looks something like this: "This is just so frustrating...he knows why."
Then when she dumps him, it's a week of this.

I miss him.
And then a week of:

I don't need him!
You know, I just realized that if you substitute "him" for "Him," you have the last ten years of my life in a nutshell.
Interesting... When talking about the "blogosphere" it all gets down to God in the end.
Conclusion - you've spent too much time in the bible belt (your state is included in it, rigt?).
Not really, this area is fairly heathen and godless. Regardless, it will always be the rust belt in my heart.
He had a really big penis.

I suggest they substitute something like the above, so it's atleast vaguely interesting.

Next week:

I miss it.
it's especially bad when the "other" has an lj because then they never spill the shit talking and who cares about happy people anyway?

Now, under most normal circumstances, I'd agree with this. But, in actuality, those posts can be quite helpful. I mean, haven't ever met a really hot girl on LJ who may or may not be interested in giving you some 'tang, but that medling boyfriend/other is in the way? I've been in this situation more often than I should of been, and believe me, it is indeed helpful. It's quite good for catching the right moment, and BAM, waking up with a hummer. So, always consider that.
He is a jackass.
Are you referring to personal journals or communities?
Personal journals.
People can write whatever they want in their own personal journal. You don't HAVE to read them.
I don't have to listen to Mariah Carey, either. That doesn't mean her music isn't shit.
you don't have to post them on the goddamn internet either